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Brush Seal Kits

These garage door seal kits for sectional and roller garage doors are available for either single or double garage doors. The Lintel only kits are for sealing the top gap of the garage door whilst the full seal kits seal the top as well as the sides of the garage door. The SYG premium aluminium holders and PA6 rated filaments keep out live embers, prevent the ingress of dust and dirt as well as pests such as cockroaches, mice and snakes.  These brush seal kits are designed to complement your existing intact garage door bottom seal. They create a heavy duty, tight seal for residential garages. The brush strips of these garage door weather seal kits are available in bristles lengths from 25mm to 50mm depending on the gap sizes around your garage door. The Selleys Liquid Nails Instant Hold  /Hold Up adhesive included in the kit allows easy cut-and paste fitment to a wide variety of surfaces: timber, masonry, concrete, steel, etc. Brush seals perform and outlast rubber weather seals as the bristles do not wear, perish, crack or warp, but conform perfectly to the shape of your door. 

If in doubt, contact us for assistance, or explore our Installation manual here for sectional panelift doors or here for roller doors. 

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