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Are fire retardant bristles really necessary?

Although we have the most competitively priced fire retardant garage seals on the market, some customers who do not live in bush fire listed areas have asked us if we could supply the cheaper standard seals since they do not require the fire retardant properties. The short answer is sorry, but no. Although bush fires are less likely to directly impact inner city areas, I would not place anything on my house that was flammable if I could possibly avoid it. In a leafy suburb where smouldering leaves might create embers, the last thing any homeowner would want is additional fuel around his garage door - one of the very areas he is trying to protect. Our PA6 rated flame retardant bristles self extinguish and though fire will damage them, they are a first line of defence and will not ignite and allow embers to penetrate and cause further damage. Perhaps as a dad, I just would not be able to live with myself, knowing that a product I had supplied, had failed to protect a child in a house potentially in harms way. I wouldn't put it on my house, so therefore we won't sell it.  

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