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What type of garage door seals are best?

It depends on what you are trying to keep out. If you are trying to keep water from flooding your garage, then a bottom rubber seal obviously works best because water can't penetrate. If you are trying to keep out dust, then rubber will also work on the bottom seal. However, rubber is not effective for sealing the sides of a garage door because the movement of the door will wear it much more quickly than bristles which move with the door. Rubber is much more susceptible to perishing, tearing and cutting. 

To prevent water from flooding your garage would you recommend using a 'door dam'?

Definitely not. These are not safe.  Garage doors today are, more often than not, used as the primary access portal of homes. It doesn't make sense to create a trip hazard in the middle of a primary escape route in case of fire or other emergency event. For an elderly person, someone with a disability, on crutches or that might use a wheelchair, the consequences could be catastrophic. If your bottom rubber seal is intact, you should not require them and they will not actually prevent flooding as they will 'dam' and then simply overflow into your garage. In such an event, they will have the opposite effect - making it that much more difficult to remove the water from your garage.

Would you recommend the combination bristle and rubber seals for the bottom of garage doors to get the best seal  - they look quite substantial?

The short answer is "No". A bristle is not going to prevent anything from entering a garage that an intact existing rubber seal won't. These products do look great but in terms of effectiveness, they are (pretty expensive) gimmicks. Intact rubber bottom seals prevent ingress of both water and dust etc. and in this case, bristle seals are superfluous. We don't recommended bristle seals for the bottom of a garage door - a good rubber bulb seal is far more effective and appropriate.

Don't attach the rubber seals at the bottom of your garage door with an adhesive. Rather purchase a suitable carrier and affix it to the door. Then when the rubber wears out, you can simply slide in a new length.

Are your products 'Australian Made'? 

There are no 'Australian Made' garage door seals. The market is simply too small. Other companies claiming 'Australian Made', are - how do we put this diplomatically - taking liberties with the truth. Our filament is imported from Germany (the only stand alone garage seal provider that uses Hahl PA6) and the aluminium and the filament strip brush is assembled here. To say a product is 'Australian Made' is misleading unless you are making it, at the very least, from a majority of Australian ingredients. There is no Australian supplier that meets that criteria. Australian assembled, certainly, not Australian made. We are 100% Australian owned though.

Is there really a difference in quality between your seals and other suppliers?

Yes - what's more, it's obvious. We are not aware of any other supplier  supplying direct to the public that uses Hahl PA6 material - only OEM's. Our filament filling is much more dense which means that it prevents much smaller dust particles from passing through. The German filament has a much better memory retention, doesn't take a 'set' as easily as the cheaper filaments. The UV resistance is much higher so they don't perish and our fire rating is much higher: if you conduct a simple burn test on our seals vs other imports, the results are night and day. Our aluminium is thicker and stronger. In some sense, with consumable items, durability doesn't matter, but seals are a permanent fixture on your house - you should expect them to last at least 10-20 years and under harsh Australian conditions, no other seals will last anywhere near as long as ours. The irony is that some of these cheaper imported seals are actually advertised online at a higher price than ours! 

What happens if I have a garage door with gaps that don't fit your standard kits e.g. the gap at the top of my door is larger than 25mm but smaller on the sides. Can you mix and match the different bristle lengths for the sides and top?

No worries at all - we actually do this quite a bit! We often supply custom kits with different bristle lengths. Just drop us an email when ordering or if you're unsure, get in touch before you order.

Do you work with handymen / tradies who might want to market and install your kits to their existing customers?

Yes we do. Please contact us for trade enquiries.

I'm still unsure and a little nervous as to whether your garage door seals will work on my door? Do you sell small samples so I can see what it looks like irl? 

We are more than happy to provide small samples. We don't charge for them. Just hit us up. 

I'm not sure what type of door I have. How do I know if its a Sectional  / Panelift or a Roller door?

Check out our short video here: