Collection: Sectional Roller Door Seals

Our sectional roller door seals offer a complete and durable seal for sectional doors, keeping your garage safe and secure.

Available for either single or double garage doors, the seals come as a complete kit for sealing the top, sides and/or bottom of the door. Read more

Constructed out of premium aluminium and PA6-rated brush filaments, the sectional roller door seals create a tight, heavy-duty seal, effective at preventing the entry of dust, dirt, and live embers, as well as pests such as cockroaches, mice, and snakes.

Unlike normal rubber seals, the SYG brush seal fits the shape of your garage door perfectly, without warping, cracking or otherwise wearing down. Choose from a range of bristles lengths according to the gap size around your garage door, from 25 to 50mm.

The SYG kit can be cut to length and attached to a wide variety of materials, such as timber, steel, masonry, and concrete.

How do I measure a sectional roller door seal?

Prior to installation, the aluminium carriers and brush seals need to be cut to the correct lengths.

Here is our easy 5-step guide to measuring sectional roller door seals and cutting it to length.

  1. You will need a tape measure, file, stepladder, work gloves, pencil, hacksaw (32TPI blade), caulking gun, and side cutters.
  2. Use the tape measure to measure the height and width of the garage door aperture. Each side of the door will need two aluminium carriers, while the top will need two (single garages) or four (double garages).
  3. Use the hacksaw to cut the aluminium carriers. One of each pair should be cut to an additional 60-100 mm, for overlap.
  4. Each pair of carriers needs to be cut so that the bristles will seamlessly overlap once the sectional garage door seal is in place. For each pair of aluminium carriers:
    • One carrier should have its brush prepared by pulling the bristle length out by about 10 cm, cutting it off short, and then pushing it back down the carrier.
    • The second carrier should have its brush left as is.
  5. Use the side cutters to cut the brush to the same length as the aluminium carrier. File the ends of the carrier until smooth.

How do I install a sectional roller door seal?

SYG sectional roller door seals need to be correctly installed to be effective in keeping out the dust, pests, and live embers.

First, remove all garage door remote controls and disengage or uncouple the garage door. For sectional doors, this usually means pulling down on the cord attached to the mechanism on the overhead guide rail.

Manually raise the door to the maximum open position. Place the aluminium carriers along the sides of the garage door - with the bristles angled inwards - as well as along the top of the door - with bristles angled downwards.

Apply the Selleys Liquid Nails Instant Hold or Hold Up (supplied with kit) along the entire length of the carriers, in a 5 mm wide bead. Attach the carriers.

Briefly test the movement of the sectional roller door seals, by manually raising and lowering the door, to make sure there is no resistance to the motion. Then reconnect the motor and raise and lower the door again, to double-check there is no strain on the motor.

After these tests, avoid using the door for at least 2 hours after installation. The adhesive of the sectional roller door seals will be fully cured after 48 hours.

For more, our sectional garage door weather seals come with step-by-step instructions as well as safety tips for installation.

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