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Garage Door Brush Seal

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How to Seal Your Garage Door?

Our Durable Brush & Rubber Seals are the Answer!

Are you sure your garage doors, roller doors, sectional and panel lift doors are safe, sealed and secure? 

Safe from ember attack, snakes and mice.

Clean from dust, dirt, pests & leaves.

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Sectional Roller Door Seals

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Seal Your Garage Kits to Protect Your Property

Free Shipping to ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS & VIC

Seal Your Garage offers a range of effective solutions to protect your garage and enhance your property.

From Brush Seal Kits to Top & Side Seals and Installations in NSW, Seal Your Garage offers a comprehensive range of products and services - all designed to keep your home safe and secure.

Our garage roller door seals are custom made for sectional and roller garage doors and are available for both single and double garage doors.

Our garage roller door seals prevent damage from ember attacks, dust, dirt and pests.

Our stick-on garage door seals are an easy DIY solution. Precision made and custom-designed for Australian conditions.

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Amelia and Emma discuss our new fixing method

Why does SYG offer such a limited range?

We only offer the most extreme performance brush and rubber seals on the planet.

All of our garage roller door seals are constructed from densely packed, 25 or 50mm UV stabilised, HAHL PA6 rated, flame-retardant filament and commercial grade, 80mm rubber in the finest aluminium carriers. We have different sizes, not different grades. You cannot purchase better brush or rubber seals for your garage - because they simply don't exist!

Our best selling products include Brush Seal KitsTop & Side Seal Kits and Garage Door Weather Seals. Whatever style of garage door you own and the area you need to seal, you’ll be sure to find the perfect product.

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