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How to Seal Your Garage Door?

Our Durable Brush & Rubber Seals are the Answer!

Are you sure your garage doors, roller doors, sectional and panel lift doors are safe, sealed and secure? Read more

Your garage is full of valuable items - from expensive equipment to priceless keepsakes. But with our harsh climate, it can be challenging to really protect your property.

Luckily, Seal Your Garage has created the perfect solution. Get the leading garage roller door seals to protect your home and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Shop garage door seals online now & contact our team if you have any questions.

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Safe from ember attack, snakes and mice.

Clean from dust, dirt, pests & leaves.

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Seal your garage door gaps

Keep your garage dust free.

Seamless protection

Keep Cockroaches & pests out

Completely seals the perimeter of your garage door

Top of the range fire retardant bristles & rubber.

Seal Your Garage Kits to Protect Your Property

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Seal Your Garage offers a range of effective solutions to protect your garage and enhance your property.

From Brush Seal Kits to Top & Side Seals and Installations in NSW, Seal Your Garage offers a comprehensive range of products and services - all designed to keep your home safe and secure.

Our garage roller door seals are custom made for sectional and roller garage doors and are available for both single and double garage doors.

Our garage roller door seals prevent damage from ember attacks, dust, dirt and pests.

Our stick-on garage door seals are an easy DIY solution. Precision made and custom-designed for Australian conditions.

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“It's all installed and working a treat! The icy Canberra winds have stopped and the garage is certainly warmer. And it's made the house warmer too! Rodney was an absolute pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond to help us get the right system for our door. Cannot recommend SYG enough.

James R, Canberra

Fantastic product can’t say enough about its function and durability. This system is easy to install easy to use and quick with the supplied fixing glue any DIY can install and do a professional job. The brush is top quality and the extrusion is well made with no flaws. Would recommend this product to anyone and is far superior to Bunnings warehouse equivalent.  Contact Rodney he is very friendly and knows his products he is there to help you and guide you.  Again fully recommend Company , Product & Support .

Jarrod K

3 Weeks after cleaning my garage, it is still immaculate - Saves me sooooo much time!

Richard M

I spend hours cleaning my bike and it always jarred that when I was finished, I parked it in a dirty garage. SYG changed that.

Geoff B

With the kids, we are always looking for more play space. The SYG seals have meant that the garage has become a usable extension of the house for them to play in since it is always clean now. 

Carmen C

Since we tend to use the garage as a front door, having a clean garage floor now, means that  there is no dust being dragged into the house. It helps me keep the house clean -and B is happy with his clean garage as well.

Victoria F

I'm admittedly OCD and I hated not having a clean garage. I tried rubber strips and all sorts of things but it was a nightmare - they always fell off or didn't seal properly. SYG is absolute legend stuff! Wish I'd had it 10 years ago - would've save me a lot of angst! 

Gideon W

25 to 50 mm Fire retardant Bristles

Long enough to close almost any gap

Unmatched Dust Ingress Protection

Densely packed bristles ensure ultimate performance

Engineered to protect for a lifetime

Guarding your home against pests while you enjoy endless summer days

Why does SYG offer such a limited range?

We only offer the most extreme performance brush and rubber seals on the planet.

All of our garage roller door seals are constructed from densely packed, 25 or 50mm UV stabilised, HAHL PA6 rated, flame-retardant filament and commercial grade, 80mm rubber in the finest aluminium carriers. We have different sizes, not different grades. You cannot purchase better brush or rubber seals for your garage - because they simply don't exist!

Our best selling products include Brush Seal Kits, Top & Side Seal Kits and Garage Door Weather Seals. Whatever style of garage door you own and the area you need to seal, you’ll be sure to find the perfect product.

Garage Roller Door Seal - FAQs

How to seal a garage roller door?

It’s important to seal your garage to protect your property and gear from damage caused by leaks, dust and dirt. That’s why we’ve created a powerful, durable, and long-lasting garage roller door seal.

Our brush seal kits are attached with a powerful, no-clamp adhesive that ensures peak performance and integrity of your seal for years to come. Following the installation instructions carefully ensures you get the best results and a weatherproof seal.

Apply the aluminium holders and brush strips with the liquid nails instant adhesive and your door will be ready for use within a couple of hours.

How to seal the gap under the garage door?

If your garage is not properly sealed, then your home becomes vulnerable to bugs, dust and dirt. If you have a gap under your garage door, this can be a common entry point for harmful pests.

Clear any dirt and debris from underneath your garage door so that your newly installed rubber seal makes full contact with the floor and creates the perfect seal.

To learn more about how to fit your garage roller door seals, check out our step by step instructions.

How to fit garage roller door weather seal?

A properly fitted garage roller door bottom seal will ensure the entire width of your garage door is watertight. Even the smallest gaps can allow leaks, so it’s crucial to pay close attention to detail when fitting to ensure that the rubber seal reaches right to both ends of the garage door.

Our premium quality, UV Stabilised garage door weather seals are carefully designed to seal the bottom of your garage door against the weather and fill gaps up to 25mm (2.5cm).

Make sure you apply the adhesive carefully, covering all areas of the door using the correct methods. Check our step by step instructions for a simple and effective installation.

How to seal the top of your garage roller door?

It’s crucial to seal the top of your garage door to avoid the entry of dust and other airborne threats to your property. The best way to do so is by using one of our stick-on garage roller door seals.

Our top and side seals include SYG premium aluminium holders and PA6 rated filaments. They’re carefully designed to keep out live embers, dust, dirt and pests.

Always wear safety glasses and gloves to prevent dust from harming your eyes when working with the seal kits above the level of your eyes.

You didn't compromise when you bought your car. Don't start now.

Still dust free - just as you parked it

If this is your goal, make us your first step.

Premium protection for your assets