Australia's first Cut and Paste Garage Door brush seals! - Seal Your Garage

Australia's first Cut and Paste Garage Door brush seals!

We constantly strive to develop products that add real value for our clients. This is not just about creating and enhancing our physical products, but the whole SYG user experience. We go to great lengths to try and ensure that whatever the challenges of a particular application, we provide the finest fixings to meet those demands. So for different types of doors and different types of lintels, we have offered a wide range of fixings.
No more.
Put away your drills, rivet guns, screwdrivers and drill bits. Every Sectional / Panelift and Roller door seal kit now comes with this revolutionary product by Selleys included in all our kits. Using the updated Instruction manuals, simply:
1. Measure your door
2. Cut your aluminium brush length
3. Apply adhesive, stick to the wall / lintel
4. Done.
Our garage door seal kits can be fitted in a fraction of the time it used to take - 15 to 20 minutes. No drilling, no hammering, no pre-drilling holes in the aluminium and lining up and no clamping. Just Cut and Paste. 
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