Need a rumpus room? Extend your home instantly for less than $350 - in under an hour!!! - Seal Your Garage

Need a rumpus room? Extend your home instantly for less than $350 - in under an hour!!!

As the family grows or your needs change - like 'needing' a man cave, rumpus room or home office, you might consider moving house or (only slightly less traumatic), renovations to add on another room. Full garage conversions are an option but real estate agents will often warn that when it comes to reselling, not having a garage can be a deal breaker. There is a middle ground - and it costs less than you think. 

What is the #1 reason you couldn't move into your garage right now? Ok so maybe there's tons of stuff in it, but if you sort and pack that away? Probably dust. Everything just gets covered within days or a few weeks!

Why don't you seal the door? Where rubber seals crack, perish and wear, dense brush seals do not - and they provide a great deal of protection. No more dust, no more cockroaches, mice or snakes. Once the seals are installed (if you're a slow DIY guy like me, max 45 minutes) you virtually have another room on your house! 

1. Seal your garage door gaps top and sides with an SYG brush seal kit.

2. Check the bottom rubber seal and replace if necessary

3. If your concrete floor is porous, you can coat it with garage paint, or an epoxy, but personally, I would give it a good scrub and then treat it with a penetrative sealer. Penetrative floor sealers fill up the pores of the floor but don't leave the floor looking any different as such. So if you spill coffee or oil on it, it simply sits on top of the floor until you clean it up. The advantage of a penetrative sealer is that unlike a traditional sealer which wears away due to friction from tyres / foot traffic or moving stuff around, the penetrative sealer is inside the floor and will last for much longer - in a domestic environment, easily 7 to 10 years and there are no visible dull flat spots that show up as they do on a glossy  -or even mat exterior coated floor. (We are launching our own commercial-grade floor sealer very soon and will keep you posted.)

4. If your walls are raw concrete or brick, simply prime and seal / paint them  as otherwise fugitive concrete dust will constantly make its way into the space

Ok, so maybe $350 only gets you a full seal kit, but even with the rest of the floor sealer and paint, you should still be under $750 for what is now an additional room  - probably one of the largest in your home. That's a lot cheaper than moving or building! 

Give us a call or check out our products and let us radically change your mind about what is possible for so much less than you ever dreamed possible!

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