The other thing the Kiwis do bigger than us - Seal Your Garage

The other thing the Kiwis do bigger than us

Random fact:

Did you know that we Aussies are massive ice-cream eaters? Only the Kiwis and the Yanks eat more ice-cream per capita than we do. Anyway, I digress.

We live in a little town called Wilton, outside Sydney which can get chilly in winter, but a couple of winters ago we did 3 things:

#1. Laid rubber foam tiles on our concrete garage floor, which is sooooo much kinder to your feet when sneaking a late night tub of ice-cream from our garage chest freezer: only doing my bit to beat the Kiwis, of course ;-) 

#2. Put compression and rubber seals on all of our external house doors (less than $50 at Bunnings) and 

#3. Fitted an SYG full brush seal kit to our garage door which eliminated any cold draughts that used to turn our garage into a fridge in winter. However, this does mean that I am doing #1 more often...

So if you fit an SYG garage door seal kit, and eat ice-cream, you will not only be warmer and happier this winter, but a patriot no less!


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