To all our customers, suppliers and partners. - Seal Your Garage

To all our customers, suppliers and partners.

After what has been an extremely challenging year, we are incredibly grateful that our business has not only been able to survive but grow by over 160% in the past 12 months thanks to the support of our clients, suppliers and partners. We are acutely aware of how very fortunate we are, as many SME's have had to close their doors - through no fault of their own - but as a result of the measures taken to combat COVID. Rightly or wrongly, whatever actions those in power were going to take, there were going to be negative ramifications and hindsight armchair critiques are seldom helpful. However, there can be little doubt of the devastating and heart-breaking impact that this whole crisis has had on so many families desperately suffering at this time. If any of us know of even one, let's reach out to them. Any support: emotional, financial or otherwise, which might mean very little to us in the broad scheme of things, could mean more to them than we could ever know. Thank you from my family to yours for your generous support throughout 2020 and may God bless and keep you all close in His Love during this Christmas Season and into 2021. 

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