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What to look for in pricing when buying Garage door seals

All of us like to save money where we can but we do understand that what you pay for is what you get. When it comes to Garage door seals and especially Fire retardant seals, what should we look for when comparing prices:

  1. Am I comparing standard seals pricing or Fire Retardant seal pricing?
  2. Is the Fire-Retardant Filament German-made Hahl? Or imported knock-offs? Almost all other suppliers in Australia do not actually use Hahl product even though they might falsely claim to. Ask them to put that claim in writing. If it's not Hahl, don't waste your money.
  3. Ask for small comparative samples (which you shouldn't have to pay for) and look at the quality - density of brush, quality of materials and then put a match to them. 
  4. Finally does their product include the price of Shipping? If not, how much does that add to the price?

Our seals are the best priced Hahl filament Fire Retardant Seals direct to the public in Australia. We will never compromise on quality. No fancy sales, no claims. Just the finest product you can buy.

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