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Rubber Seal Bulk

Rubber Seal Bulk

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50 metre continuous length of UV Stabilised, Rubber Seal to seal the bottom of a Double Garage door . This is only for the rubber seal and excludes the carrier.  

Includes :

  • 50 metres UV Stabilized, 80mm rubber seal 
  • Allows coverage for up to 25mm (2.5cm) gaps at the bottom of doors
We offer an unmatched 10 year warranty on our brush and rubber seals from any manufacturing defects. Please note that this warranty does not cover incorrect installation or damage from accidental or negligent abuse. Whilst the bristles are fire retardant, will not ignite in case of fire, and will prevent live embers from entering your garage around the seal, hot live embers might damage the bristles and might require replacement. This would not be regarded as a manufacturing defect and therefore would not be covered by our warranty.
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